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For every new paying subscriber, you get a percentage of their first payment. If you are a paid subscriber of CoinShilling yourself, that percentage is 20%. If you're no paid subscriber, that percentage is 10%. If a user decides to pay with Ethereum, you get the percentage of the paid Ethereum.

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*This is in no way a guarentee. Calculation is based on our numbers for the past 30 days.
There are two options: Euro and/or ETH. Any fees for transferring the money/tokens are not reimbursed. If you decide to let your ETH reward being payed in Euro's (or vice versa), the exchange rate is based on the moment of payout.
You can request a payout when your balance is greater than €20, and not more than once a week. The payout is processed by me personally, so there might be a slight delay in when its actually executed.


Since October 2nd 2019 we are closed for new enrollments


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